Bulk Milk Tank Services



Milk Tank Wash System Service and Maintenance


Allied Refrigeration offer service, maintenance and upgrade options for ALL makes and models

of Bulk Milk Tank and wash systems, and carry a full range of wash system spares on our vehicles.


High Bacta scan results can seriously effect the quality of the milk, and have a knock on effect with milk price banding. Regular service and maintenance of your tanks automatic wash system can ensure your tank washes properly every time.


Contact our team to book a visit on 01765 609790



Milk Tank Evaporator Leak repairs


Over the last 28 years Allied Refrigeration has carried out Evaporator leak repairs on most makes and models of tanks.


Our Engineers carry out a Nitrogen pressure test in order to locate the leak, allowing for a fast, effective repair. In many cases it's hard to see where the tank as been accessed.


If you have a leaking evaporator that requires repair, please contact our team at service@alliedrefrigeration.co.uk or via our contact page for more details.


F Gas Leak Testing and Annual Services



The refrigeration system on most bulk milk tanks contains sufficient refrigerant gas, that it falls under the F-Gas Regulations. The F Gas regulations govern the handling, use and frequency of  testing with regards to systems containing refrigerant gases. Depending on the type, quantity and global warming potential (GWP) of gas in the system the F Gas regulation requires the system to be Leak tested. Most Tanks require this test once a year.


We offer an annual service visit that includes F Gas Leak testing, probe calibration, wash system servicing and refrigeration system servicing all on the same visit. This service meets the requirements of the Farm Assurance scheme and will help to keep your tank running effectivly and efficiently.


Services can be booked by contacting our team on 01765 609790