Used Milk Tanks and Buffer Tanks


With current changes in Arla Collection and Storage polices we are bussier than ever installing new tanks and silos. As a result we come across a number of used milk tanks and small tanks that would meet the requirments of  Arla buffer tanks.


Below is a list of all the currently available used tanks. If these tanks are of interest please email us at and we will forward you the contact details of the farmers.


Our system allows farmers to deal directly with each other, and if required we can provide budget costing on the removal and installation of the tanks.


*Please note that tanks listed as R22 would require conversion to a suitable replacment gas.


Tank Size L Tank Type Gas Notes Available
5000 litre Mueller O1250 R22 Vessel Only Now
2000 litre Fabdec Ice bank R22 Single Op Now
7800 litre Packo DX     Now
6000 litre Mueller O1500 R22 Duel Op Now
3200 litre Packo RMIB R22 Single Op Now
8000 litre Mueller O2000 R404 New Hyper form May
    R448 Old Style Hyperform  
8000 litre Muller O2000 R22 Old Unit April
    R404 New Unit